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Black-Out Curtains
Adhesive-backed snaps Screw-in snaps Inside hem
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CA$60.00 (US$57.00)
Adhesive-Backed Snap -OR- Screw-In Snap
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CanvasMart's simple, easy-to-install black-out curtains eliminate virtually all light coming in from a window. Ideal in bedrooms, baby's rooms and media rooms. These curtains snap to your existing window frame (or directly to your window if you choose) to block unwanted light and maximize privacy.

Curtains are manufactured out of black oxford high-density nylon with a double-stitched hem. Each curtain has one black-capped snap in each corner to make installation and removal easy and foolproof. Mated to the snaps on the curtains are the option of screw-in snaps or 3M adhesive backed snaps. The adhesive-backed snaps work fantastic if you are mounting the curtain directly onto the glass or onto a synthetic, un-painted window frame. Screw-in snaps are excellent for mounting into wooden frames.

* Please note, fabric width is 4'6"...curtains with more than one dimension larger than 4'6" will have a seam where the material is joined.