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Industrial, washbay & roll curtains

Industrial, washbay & roll curtains
suspended track and trolley divider curtain flush mount track and trolley curtain
Our price:
CanvasMart custom makes each washbay, industrial and divider curtain in its Calgary, Canada facility. We use high-quality 18oz vinyl (most manufacturers use cheaper, less durable 14oz vinyls) and can add clear or tinted windows using high-end 20-gauge plastic. The hem is double-stitched around the perimeter of our curtains, and we offer a myriad of options for hanging. We also offer simple-to-install roll-system packages for curtains that need to open and close.

Because of the custom nature of these curtains, we need some detailed information from you to provide a quote.

- what is the length and height of each curtain you require?
- will the curtain remain in a static location or do you require a roll system?
- will the curtain be a solid color, or do you require multiple colors and/or windows?
- how will the curtain hang? (if it is a roll system, we will provide grommets every 12" along the top; if it is a static curtain, you may wish to hang it from a bar inside a pocket in the tarp, from grommets, etc.)
- how would you like the floor edge of the tarp to be made? (roll curtains typically have chain sewn into a pocket in the bottom to provide weight for the curtain and also to allow the curtain to fold nicely when it is retracted; static curtains often have a pocket in the bottom into which a customer can insert a rod/pipe/etc.)

If you would like a track and trolley roll system:
- will the track be flush-mounted against the ceiling or will it need to be suspended to accommodate girders/ducts/etc.?
- do you require any 90-degree curve connectors?

We look forward to getting started on your order!

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