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Tarp Accessories

Tarp Accessories
CanvasMart carries a wide range of tarp accessories for truckers, boaters, campers and anybody else who uses tarps and tarp products. From straps to bungees and flags to glues, we've got you covered.


CA$4.50 (US$4.28)
End stop
CA$5.25 (US$4.99)
2-piece caribiner set
CA$10.00 (US$9.50)
Boat vent I
CA$12.00 (US$11.40)
Boat vent II
CA$17.50 (US$16.63)
CA$17.50 (US$16.63)
3M Adhesive-Backed Snaps
CA$20.00 (US$19.00)
Grommet kits
CA$25.00 (US$23.75)
Support pole
CA$25.00 (US$23.75)
2" x 25' strap with ratchet
CA$28.00 (US$26.60)