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Travel/Storage Cover

Travel/Storage Cover
large travel cover travel cover pontoon boat
20.00 lb
Our price:
CA$600.00 (US$570.00)
Boat length
Motor cover
Boat vent
Support pole
CanvasMart manufactures all of its storage/travel covers inhouse at its Calgary, Canada facility. Our standard covers are made with high-end marine canvas with water repellency and excellent resistance to mildew and UV.

The raw material has been exposure shrunk to ensure continuous proper fit - if you're shopping around for a cover, make sure the "other guys" are using this high-grade material. We pay a little more for the best, but we achieve efficiencies in other areas to ensure you always get the best product and excellent value.

We reinforce the canvas cover with 18oz vinyl around all sharp areas and pressure points on the boat. We sew heavy-duty rope into a drawstring hem, with D-rings and bungees fastening to the trailer frame for added securement.

All covers come standard with a reinforced patch of material and internal snap in the center of the cover to prop the cover up to shed water in inclement weather (prop rods sold separately).

Other materials are available upon request, and covers can be customized in any way. If you have an existing cover, simply ship it to us and we will build a new cover for you using the existing one as a template; otherwise, a CanvasMart representative will contact you after your purchase (or you can contact us prior to your purchase) to set up a convenient time for you to drop off your boat at our site.

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Bruce Mackay
    Wondering if you could provide an estimate for a 25 ft pontoon boat travel/storage cover?

  • Author: Louise
    Thank you for making me such a nice, strong boat cover for my drift boat. It is above and beyond what I had expected and a good value for the price I paid.
  • Author: Michael Ross
    Hello, could you provide a quote for a clackacraft 2001 drift boat cover
    length 15.5 feet
    width 7 feet
    max depth 25 inches
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