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Truck Tarps & Cargo Nets

Truck Tarps & Cargo Nets
CanvasMart was founded in 1972 to meet the needs of the trucking industry. Since that time, we have successfully branched out to many other industries with our high-quality, high-value service; however, we remain committed to our trucking customers and stand behind our tarps as the best in the industry. Whatever your need, we've got you covered.


Asphalt Tarps
CA$160.00 (US$152.00)
Vinyl containment tarp
CA$165.00 (US$156.75)
Mesh containment tarp
CA$165.00 (US$156.75)
Gravel Tarps
CA$160.00 (US$152.00)
2-piece Pipe Tarps
CA$650.00 (US$617.50)
Heavy-Duty Cargo Nets
Please contact CanvasMart for pricing.
Pipe Tarp/Construction Tarp
CA$145.00 (US$137.75)
Cargo Nets
CA$250.00 (US$237.50)
2-piece Lumber Tarps (48' trailer)
CA$1,875.00 (US$1,781.25)
2-piece Lumber Tarps (53' trailer)
CA$1,925.00 (US$1,828.75)