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Cast Cover

Cast Cover
back of boot boot front profile grip sole boot side profile other side profile
1.00 lb
Our price:
CA$120.00 (US$114.00)
CanvasMart's one-size-fits-all fleece-lined cast cover is manufactured from a durable, quilted, 3/8" foam-backed PVC material. This industrial strength fabric, coupled with a cozy fleece lining, provides the wearer with comfort and warmth when the mercury starts to fall. Just because you have a broken bone, does not give the cold any right to break your spirit. Be comfortable and look sharp!

Comes in our standard black material. For an additional charge can be manufactured in light or dark blue, maroon, off white, red, light grey or green.

Large tongue opening allows the boot to slide over the cast easily and comfortably, and the two, two-inch straps secure the boot for a perfect fit.

While the sole is not designed to be a replacement for proper care and attention in icy conditions, it does come with a PVC mesh that provides a degree of grip and added durability.