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Pre-Fab Tarps

Pre-Fab Tarps
CanvasMart carries a wide selection of pre-fabricated heavy-duty tarps that are of higher quality and greater strength than retail tarps you would typically find at a big box store. A standard tarp carried in many retail locations is 2-3oz per square yard in weight, while CanvasMart's tarps are 6oz and twice as durable.

With reinforced corners, rope sewn into the hem, perimeter grommets and extra UV additives for longer outdoor life, there isn't a better tarp value anywhere.


6' x 8' Pre-Fab Tarp
CA$20.00 (US$19.00)
8' x 10' Pre-Fab Tarp
CA$25.00 (US$23.75)
16' x 20' Pre-Fab Tarp
CA$80.00 (US$76.00)
20' x 40' Pre-Fab Tarp
CA$175.00 (US$166.25)
30' x 50' Pre-Fab Tarp
CA$320.00 (US$304.00)
40' x 60' Pre-Fab Tarp
CA$490.00 (US$465.50)
50' x 100' Pre-Fab Tarp
CA$850.00 (US$807.50)
Insulated Tarps
CA$99.00 (US$94.05)
Pipe Tarp/Construction Tarp
CA$145.00 (US$137.75)