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Securement and Containment

New Securement Regulation Affects All Canadians

National Safety Code for Motor Carriers, Standard 10, Cargo Securement, states that cargo transported by a vehicle shall be contained, immobilized or secured so that it cannot:

(a) leak, spill, blow off, fall from, fall through or otherwise be dislodged from the vehicle, or

(b) shift upon or within the vehicle to such an extent that the vehicle's stability or manoeuvrability is adversely affected.

Fines for violating the code can be very expensive, and police and RCMP are fully enforcing the new securement regulations. Whether you are carrying a couple of shovels in the back of your pick-up truck, or hauling a full load in your Super B, turn to CanvasMart to satisfy your securement needs. We custom make cargo nets, tarps and protective covers that will ensure you are in compliance with federal, provincial and municipal securement regulations.

Click here to view the full-text version of the Cargo Securement safety code. For more information on what you can do to comply, email CanvasMart by clicking here.